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Blaze plugins allow users to easily connect best in class SaaS tools, sharing content, media, user data, ecommerce information and analytics data, where required. The ecosystem of different web tools that businesses use is large. Blaze plugins make those connections easy.
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Robust CRM providing a 360-degree view of your customers to enhance sales and customer service.   CRM
Segment collects and unifies customer data, providing seamless data integration and personalized customer experiences  
Application monitoring platform; track errors and performance issues to fix and optimise apps.   Analytics & Tracking
Budget-friendly marketing automation; track leads, manage pipelines, and convert them into sales effectively.   CRM
Build and manage an online store; complete with marketing, payments, and shipping tools.   Ecommerce and PIM
Flexible ecommerce platform; customise and expand online shops with powerful tools and interfaces.   Ecommerce and PIM
Customizable pop-ups and slide-ins; optimise website lead generation and conversion without needing programming skills.   Popups and data capture
Advanced data collection for enterprise-grade analytics; capture rich, high-quality data for detailed insights.   Data Management Platforms
Streamlined digital payment processing; secure and reliable financial transactions.   Subscription solution, Payment
Sugar Marketplace
Enhance SugarCRM with plugins and integrations; tailor CRM functionalities to specific business needs.   Email solutions

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